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The best-selling "bible" on - the Unofficial Workbook - is 30% off this week at Family Tree Magazine

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Save on The “Bible” of – A Genealogy Must-Have Book

I own this book (in e-book format) and I used it all the time when I get frustrated with This week, Family Tree Magazine is offering a special 30% discount on the Unofficial Workbook if you enter promo code FHM30 at checkout (click Apply Coupon).

This sale is good through October 15, 2017 so don’t delay! Available in both print and e-book, regularly $21.99, now just $15.49 on sale. Click HERE to shop.

What’s Inside

The Unofficial Workbook features:

  • Introductions on how to use the seven most important record groups on, plus how to navigate AncestryDNA and use test results in your research
  • Detailed step-by-step case studies showing how to use to find ancestors and solve research problems
  • Fillable worksheets and forms that let you apply the book’s techniques to your own research

Excerpt: Sample Tips

Here are some tips you’ll find in the Unofficial Workbook:

  • Identify specific record collections that you want to search. With more than a billion records organized into tens of thousands of collections, can be overwhelming to navigate, and using the general search form can sometimes give you too many results to sort through. Use the Card Catalog to find specific collections that cover the appropriate time and place (as well as the kind of record you’re looking for) to give yourself the best chance of finding a specific record.
  • Play with search options.’s search forms and Card Catalog have a number of filters you can use to narrow down your results. Different combinations of titles, keywords, record types and date ranges will yield different results. Learn what each option does, and make careful use of them in your search.
  • Prioritize close DNA matches. DNA testing is an amazing new research technique, but it can provide you with an overwhelming amount of data. When reviewing your DNA matches, begin by searching only those who are projected to be third cousins or closer, as estimates or more distant relationships tend to be less accurate (and thus studying them is probably a less efficient use of your research time).

Review: Unofficial Workbook

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of reviewing the Unofficial Workbook by Nancy Hendrickson – click HERE to read the review. I absolutely LOVE this book and although I consider myself an “expert genealogist” with close to 40 years of research, the author has some great tips and tricks in this book!


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